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Bahama Clear

Our Story

Inspired by a longtime family friend and water purification expert, it was the dream of the late Mr. David Rahming and his wife, Cynthia Rahming, to open a water purification facility.  Today, Bahama Clear is a family-owned business managed by Cynthia and their daughter Giovanna Charles.

How We Do It

Bahama Clear drinking water is purified by reverse osmosis and ozonated using a carefully controlled process.  Bottles are washed, sanitized, rinsed and filled with Bahama Clear drinking water in a fully enclosed and automated machine.

The Bahama Clear Purification Process

Product Line

•  12oz bottles or case

•  20oz bottles or case
•  1 Litre bottles or case
•  1 Gallon bottles or case
•  5 Gallon refills


Quality Assurance


Our onsite laboratory allows frequent testing and analysis of Bahama Clear drinking water to guarantee a consistently safe product.


We deliver to homes and businesses across the island of New Providence.  Call today to get on our delivery schedule and never run out of refreshing Bahama Clear drinking water again!

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